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The right intelligence.
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We find the resources you need to analyse intelligence and protect your clients.

Our network is your network. We match personnel to your requirements, whether it’s a specialist analyst or private investigator, to a full security team. 

We excel at recruiting diverse skill-sets and staff with integrity, ethics and commitment. 

Our international network allows us to work in hard to reach countries, and to position resources where needed. 

We find the right information and report actionable intelligence.

Our reports are more than a list of facts. We analyse and recommend so you can take action. We provide both generalist and specialist private investigation services, without the corporate price-tag.

We collect information and turn it into intelligence. Whether is tracing people,  finding debtors, crypto currency, or understanding the global risk environment. 

Our network of international contacts provides unparalleled access for investigators or risk managers. 

We are an extension of your team, and our network is your network.

Our international network includes specialist private investigators, intelligence analysts, crypto-currency specialists, surveillance teams and close protection officers. We have access to a wide range of intelligence data sources.

The majority of a clients are professional investigators, security providers or intelligence consumers. We work as an extension of your business to provide access to data, information and people. 

We work to understand exactly what you need to achieve your desired outcome – we manage the process and deliver the intelligence, assurance or security required.  

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We have worldwide coverage of investigators, intelligence providers and specialist contractors. Our team has experience in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and works closely with a range of North American and Latin American providers. We invest heavily in our network and relationships. 

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